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Corteza is an open-source digital work platform designed to provide a powerful, unified environment for business management, offering tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and more. It's developed by the Crust Technology team and is often referred to as the "digital work platform for humanity," emphasizing its commitment to privacy, security, and the democratization of technology.

Corteza was launched by Crust Technology in 2019 as part of its mission to create a fully open-source, feature-rich alternative to proprietary solutions like Salesforce. The platform is built with the modern workplace in mind, offering functionalities that include low-code application development, advanced data privacy features, and comprehensive integration capabilities. Its low-code approach allows businesses to design custom applications tailored to their specific needs without extensive programming knowledge.

The history of Corteza is rooted in the broader movement towards open-source software that empowers businesses and organizations to customize and control their digital environments. Since its inception, Corteza has aimed to foster a community-driven development approach, encouraging contributions from developers around the world to enhance its features and capabilities. The platform's focus on privacy and security, coupled with its open-source nature, reflects a growing demand for transparent and adaptable business technology solutions in various sectors.

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