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Groundhogg is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation plugin designed for WordPress websites. It enables businesses to manage contacts, send emails, create sales funnels, and automate marketing efforts directly within the WordPress dashboard. Groundhogg is particularly notable for its integration with WordPress, allowing users to leverage their existing website data to create personalized marketing campaigns and streamline their CRM processes without needing to use a separate platform.

The history of Groundhogg began with its launch in 2019, filling a gap in the market for a fully integrated CRM and marketing automation solution that could operate within WordPress. Groundhogg was developed with the intention of making advanced CRM and marketing automation features user-friendly and accessible directly from the WordPress environment.

Since its inception, Groundhogg has grown in popularity among WordPress users, particularly those looking to enhance their customer relationship management and marketing efforts without leaving their website's ecosystem. The plugin has evolved to include a wide range of features, including lead capture, email marketing, SMS messaging, and advanced reporting, while maintaining a focus on ease of use and integration with other WordPress plugins and tools. Groundhogg's development and expansion reflect its commitment to providing comprehensive CRM and marketing automation solutions tailored to the needs of WordPress users.

From 20.00 € to 50.00 € /month /organisation

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