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Horizontal logo is a cloud-based Work Operating System (Work OS) that enables teams to create custom workflow apps in minutes to run their projects and processes. Launched in 2014, the platform was initially named daPulse. The rebranding to in 2017 marked a significant shift towards a broader, more inclusive tool designed for all types of organizations, regardless of size or industry.

The platform's primary goal is to improve team collaboration, project management, and productivity by offering an intuitive, flexible interface that consolidates various functions like task management, time tracking, and automation into a single, cohesive system. has grown rapidly, serving tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, from startups to global enterprises. Its success is attributed to its user-friendly design, versatility, and the ability to customize workflows to match unique business needs, making it a popular choice among companies looking to streamline operations and foster a transparent, collaborative work environment.

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